A Tale of Two Businesses

Two businesses, let’s call them A & B, operate in the same industry. The company has invested in paid ads to generate followers on relevant social media platforms. Their Social Media Executive works hard to promote the brand on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. They spend hours in creating clickbait titles and curating useful content. The company strictly follows its editorial calendar to publish content on the website as well as on the social media. However, after running the campaign for months, the firm is still looking for ways to generate a positive ROI

On the other hand, the company B is borne out of social media. In other words, they have acquired a majority of their customers from social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. In fact, they have not yet tried other online marketing techniques. They have a firm belief in the potential of social media marketing and planning to invest more. They are also expanding their business and looking to sell to overseas customers. “Social first” is at the core of their entire marketing strategy

The Difference

The key difference between a successful and a mediocre social media campaign is “the strategy”. The company A has a sound execution plan but no strategy. On the other hand, the company B which sell its offerings primarily through social media has a sound game plan. It is not the industry, but your approach determines your success on the social media.

Key Ingredient of Our Social Media Optimization Services

Definite Strategy

We set clear goals & objectives and prepare a roadmap to achieve these aims. It directs the campaign in the right direction and ensure success.

Flawless Execution

We collaborate closely with clients to set tangible goals and work hard to achieve them. We blend technology and creativity to deliver best results.

Strategic Differentiation

We strive to create big brand out of small businesses. We make your brand stand out from the crowd by creating compelling content which is loved by your users.

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